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Info for Teens

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Info for Teens

Teen Drivers

Get the age requirements and step-by-step instructions on applying for your first driver's license. Get a license.

Driver Education

Sign up for an online course or in-class instruction so you can learn the basics of driving and be well-prepared for test day. Take a class.

Practice Tests

Prepare online for the written portion of your driving test with sample multiple-choice exams covering road signs and traffic laws. Take a test.

Drivers Permits

Before you start practicing behind the wheel, get info on the paperwork, fees and test requirements for obtaining an instructional permit. Get a permit.

Drivers Training

Find out how many hours of supervised driving practice you must have to apply for a driver's license. Get enrolled.

Identification Cards

Find out which forms and documents you must submit to obtain a state-issued ID card at any age. Get an ID.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem facing today's drivers. Learn how you can be part of the solution. End Distracted Driving.

Locations & Hours

Make an appointment to take your driving test or get the address, phone number and hours of your nearest state agency office. Get going.

Driver Handbook

Download the latest version of the state's driver manual so you can study the rules of the road. Get the manual.

Car Registration

Learn what paperwork you'll need, the steps you should follow and the fees you must pay to register a car in your name. Get registered.


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